Bears, Bears Everywhere - Camping Safety

Monday May 27, 2013 comments


It's that wonderful time of the year again when we can pack up our camping gear and head for the hills for some R&R, serenity, enjoyment, fish, hunt and much more. 

We’ve all heard about keeping our food securely confined to prevent attracting the oh-so-hungry bears.  After all, they just woke up from a long winters nap.  Other things to consider when hiking, fishing, camping, canoeing, etc. are what other things will attract the hungry bear.  Rule of thumb, if you can smell, so can they.  The scent will cause them to investigate where it’s coming from, what it is and then they will want to eat it.  So, when you’re out in their homeland, bear this in mind (yes, pun intended), don’t wear any of the “good” smelling lotions, creams, aftershaves, hair products, lip balms, perfumes, and so on.  If you need to wear lip balms and lotions, be sure to purchase the ones that don’t contain coconut oil, Shea butters, cocoa butters or essential oils.  These are new smells to the bears and as stated above, they seek, find, and eat.  Like the old acronym we used as kids, use the KISS principal: Keep It Simply Scent-free.  Once you’re back home, soak in some soothing scented bath salts, indulge your skin with the creamy scented lotions, and put that lip smacking lip balm on.

Let’s make your outing a safe one from the bears in the hills.  For more bear safety tips, visit: 

Remember the bees enjoy scents, too.  After all, you wouldn’t want a bee to try to get your “pollen” and you end up getting stung.

Blessings and love.

Sage René