Cinnamon - 1 oz

Cinnamon - 1 oz

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Cinnamon - Cinnamomum aromaticum, cassia, vernum, zeylanicum

Cinnamon is a very flavorful and warming herb. It is the peeled bark that has been left to dry.  It is during the drying process the bark will curl up.  The twigs can be used, too, and are more diffusive and diaphoretic than the bark..

Cinnamon is from the Lauraceae (Laurel) family.  

Function:  Warm the Interior and Dispel the Cold

Effects:  Cinnamon stimulates digestion and circulation.  Aids against botulism and staph infections.  It can be used for colds, colic, cough, flu, headaches, hypo, tension, irregular menses, prostatitis, nausea, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, etc.

Preparation:  Tincture, decoction

Other Uses:  Cooking or in hot drinks; essential oils; liniments; air freshener in boiling water or in a diffuser, candles.

Edible Uses: used in all types of cooking, teas, coffee, baking.

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