Codonopsis Root - 1 oz

Codonopsis Root - 1 oz

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Codonopsis Root - lanceolata, C. pilosula, C. nervosa, C. tangshen

Codonopsis is good for building the immune system.  Restorative for digestive deficiencies; the liver due to toxicity; or the lungs for shallow breathing, dyspnea, weak voice, or chronic cough.  Aids radiation damage, anti-tumor such as cancer.

Codonopsis comes from the Campanulaceae (Bellflower) family.

Function:  Restore Digestion, Promote Absorption and Relieve Fatigue.

Effects:  Spleen, Tonify Qi/chi, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, immune system, lung.

Preparation:  Tincture or Decoction.

Other Uses:  The root has been used for teething babies.  It is sweet and hard and won't splinter.

Edible Uses:  Can be added to stews, soups, bean or grain dishes.

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