Hops - 1 oz

Hops - 1 oz

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Hops - Humulus lupulus, syn. H. americanus

Hops were used to prevent the plague during ancient Hebrew time. It has been noted that it has a strong effect on hormones. Is used to aid in digestion, encourage sleep, restrains infection, clears toxins and heat. Hops have been used for headaches, anxiety, hysteria, treat abscesses acne, ADD, boils, TB, urinary stones, stress, muscle spasms, nervous stomach, boils, rashes, eczema, bruises, wounds.

Hops is a member of the Cannabaceae (Hemp) Family

Function: Regulate Intestines Qi and Harmonize Digestion

Effects: muscle relaxant, nervine, sedative, stomach, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, hypnotic, lithotriptic, appetite loss, fatigue, anorexia, anemia, gout, rheumatism, dry skin, painful urination, ringworm, scurvy.

Preparation: Tinctures, teas, long infusions, ointments, compresses, poultices and washes

Other Uses: Smoke for its sedative effect; make a sachet as a sleeping aid; can be made into paper, rope, or clothing, much like hemp Is used and prepared.

Edible Uses: Good in tea or to add to flavor beer and water. In the spring, pick young leaves fleshy rhizomes before they open and the tips of the shoots; eat them like you would asparagus.

Caution: Since the Hop flower is a mild nervous depressant, it shouldn’t be taken if depressed; check with your primary physician before using. Do not take if you are on sedative medication. Avoid if pregnant or nursing. Fresh hops cause allergic reactions or contact dermatitis and the eyes can be irritated from the tiny hairs.

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