Valerian Root - 1 oz

Valerian Root - 1 oz

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Valerian Root, Valerian spp., V. officinalis

Valerian Root is a nervine herb used to for many issues but more commonly for calming, de-stressing, anxiousness, nervous, agitated, addictions, aggressiveness, tension, pain.

Valerian belongs to the Valerianaceae (Valerian) family.

Function:  Relax Constraint and Calm the Mind

Effects:  heart, arterial circulation, nerves, spine, brain, kidney, bladder, lungs, uterus, pancreas

Preparation:  Tincture, cold infusion, Washes, Fomentations, Enemas , Suppositories.

Other Uses:  Cats are attracted to Valerian as they are Catnip, worn in an amulet to ward off evil, added to tobacco and smoked, rat bait,

Edible Uses:  Juiced, eat the young leaves in salads, grind dried root to make flour.

Caution:  Valerian is tolerated differently by individuals,  For some, it will relax them, allow them to rest, be sedative; while others become more hyper, can't rest and are more stimulated.  Too much Valerian can cause depression, lethargy, headaches or nausea.  Not to be given to children under three; however, before giving to any child, discuss using Valerian with your primary physician.  Avoid if you are hypoglycemic or have very low blood pressure.  Discuss using Valerian with your primary physician if you are on antidepressants, anti-anxiety or sedative medications.  Do not take if pregnant or nursing, unless your primary physician agrees to its use and provides an appropriate dosage.

Valerian, Sedative, nervine, calms nerves, mouth wash, sore throat, tonsillitis, urinary tract infection, worms, headache, reduce fever, reduce pain, concentration, sleep, rest.

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