White Willow Bark - 1 oz

White Willow Bark - 1 oz

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Willow - Salix spp., S. alba, S. bonplandiana, S. cinerea, S. Daphnoides, S. discolor, S. fragiis, S. melanopsis, S. nigra, S. purpurea, S. stichensis

Willow has been used for centuries for pain and to reduce fever . Aspirin was created from this wonderful tree.  It is still used for pain, infections, reduce inflammation, and in more recent years, it is used to aid the heart.

Willow is from the Salicaceae (Willow) family.

Function:  Clear Damp-Heat and Reduce Infection

Effects: astringent, urogenital organs, liver, stomach, bladder, kidney, heart, relieves pain; tissue repair for wounds, ulceration, eczema, gangrene, burns, scalds

Preparation:  Tincture, decoction, Washes, Compresses

Other Uses:  The long willow branches have been used to make baskets, furniture, or dowsing rods. It has also been made into paper.

Edible Uses:  The young shoots, leaves and  inner bark are edible.  Willow is high in vitamin C.  The inner bark can be dried and ground into flour.

 Caution:  Do not use if pregnant, on blood thinners or iodine supplements, have tinnitus, avoid in  hemophiliac or hemorrhage situations, allergic to aspirin products, or if a child is running a fever with a headache to prevent risk of Reye's syndrome.

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